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Morley Select XV v Bumbles match report


A Morley select XV entertained the lads from Bumbles, England’s first mixed ability rugby team. It was a glorious Sunday afternoon in front of an expectant crowd.

It was indeed a select XV from Morley, including the club chairman, committee member, junior parents, former junior players, former 1st team players, current 1st team players, current 2nd team players, current Saxons players, current VETS players and last but by no means least the current VETS manager.

The crowd gathered, the sun shone the players were out on the pitch warming up, Well the Bumbles were running through drills whilst Morley just stood around watching!  The referee called the captains to the middle, or did he, no one seems to remember that bit.

Anyway the bumbles kicked off – not quite 10 metres.  There were shouts of “call that a kick” – from the Bumbles own players.  So the first scrum of the day was formed.  There was a bit of the usual chat from the two front rows especially from the Morley hooker reminding Kevin of the repeat fixture last year!  Morley won the ball and broke from the scrum.  The Bumbles, as usual, tackled hard and Morley could not find a way through some stern defence. Eventually handling errors handed the ball to the Bumbles.

Now it was a test for the Morley defence as Lee Hainsworth was on the field and none of the Morley lads fancied tackling him!  The Bumbles ran through their drills and took an early lead.  The game ebbed and flowed from then on with both teams crossing for tries.  No one had an idea of the score at the end of the first 20 minutes.

Morley restarted the second 20 minute period and put the Bumbles under immense pressure and opened up a two try lead.  The Bumbles weren’t put off by this and bounced back closing the gap.  The end of the second 20 minute period came.

The final 20 minute period got underway and there were some tired legs out on the pitch.  Again both teams managed to cross for ties.  The whistle blew for the end of the game, or was it.  Someone shouted out “fancy another 20 minutes” there was a shout of ‘yes’ from somewhere and there we were playing another 20.

So the final 20 minutes got underway with more big tackles and strong running going in from both sides.  The final whistle eventually went.  “Ref, what was the score” “Very close” the ref said “39-38 to Morley”

Morley therefore got the prestigious trophy to look after for the next 12 months.  At the end of the day it isn’t about the score it’s about both teams taking part in what is becoming a regular fixture in the rugby calendar.

Try Scorers

Morley: Karl Scarth 3, Simon Bradshaw 3, Martyn Stringer

Bumbles: Ryan Kirby, Darryl Wilson, Stephen Rodhes 2, Ahsan Sakandar, Michael Whitaker

Martin Sands, Bumbles captain said “Thank you very much to Morley for hosting us, we would like to have a rematch at our ground to get our trophy back”

Ahsan Sakandar said “It was a very close and tough game.  The most important thing is that we had a good time!”

Paul Wyatt “Morley are a very nice bunch of lads to play, they played a very good game”

Michael Whitaker said “Now we have new friends in Morley”

Tim Calverley, the Morley captain replied “It is absolutely fantastic to see the work put in by the Bumbles and the opportunity they give to these lads.  What a great bunch they are, we really look forward to the rematch”

Mark Earnshaw the Morley chairman “It was a pleasure to host the Bumbles with the game played in excellent spirit.  Well done to all that guys involved and represented both clubs superbly, what an advert for this great game”

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