21 May 2014

2014 President XV Awards and England v Barbarians Game

In recognition of the great work done by the WEA Inclusion in Rugby Class and the Bumble Bees team, the Rugby Football Union (RFU) have offered Inclusion in Rugby students and all Bumbles registered players tickets and travel to Twickenham for a tour of the Rugby Museum and to watch  the England v Barbarians Game on Sunday the 1st of June.

The WEA Class and the Bumbles have jointly been shortlisted for the 2014 President XV Awards, in the Beyond Rugby category.

“This award will go to the person or people who have used the game as a vehicle for social change.
The winner(s) will have used rugby as the focus of a project to transform lives and/or communities. The awards will be decided in association with the Beyond Sport Foundation”.

Bumbles players who make up the Inclusion in Rugby Group have promoted Mixed Ability Rugby for nearly three years, taking their presentation across Yorkshire and creating new teams in the process.

Mixed Ability Rugby features players with learning and physical disabilities playing full contact games alongside able-bodied players, promoting social inclusion and breaking down barriers.

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