29 April 2013

Such a great funny day!

Great rugby day yesterday at Bradford and Bingley Ground!
A fierce Morrisons Select fought hardly against a mixed Bees-Bumbles Facilitators XV in the first half, and then faced a well trained Bumbles team.
At the end, guests won by a few points, but many high-quality tryes were scored, especially by the Bumbles, really on fire for the occasion (Kevin Pringle, Robert Cannon, Michael "Tigger" Steadman, Leon Taylor, Daniel Rudyk the scorers). 
Both the forward and the backs showed great improvements and confidence with the things they had tried during the last training sessions.
Many thanks to Mo Parker for organising such a fun game (despite his desperate weeping), to Morrisons for the raffle prizes, to the Morrisons Select, to the Bees players who became facilitators for one day and to the Bumbles facilitators who pretended to be high-level players for one day. Thanks to the several friends and supporters, and to the Club for allowing us play on the main pitch!

P.S. All pics from Richard and Steve!

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