09 April 2013

Bumbles go International

Big and exciting news await Bumbles in the next two months.
European contacts and another Tour, a Scottish one!

The 4th of May two of our coaches will be in France (Saint Omer, Pas-de-Calais) to follow the 2nd Rugby Adapté VII Tournament - Daniel Dubus, accepting the invitation of Jérôme Pechon.
You can find more infos on the Comité Régional Nord Pas-de-Calais web site.
We won't be alone, as a plot of Italian rugby-men from Chivasso Rugby is joining us, hoping to be able to develop and make more effective the International Mixed Ability Network.
And then, who knows...

On June the 22nd the Bumbles'll hit the Scottish shores to play a "Three Nations" Competition with the Warriors (we can get our revenge ahead of schedule!) and their first ever Scottish Team.
More details and information coming soon.

Stay tuned!

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