13 November 2012

Halifax Select - Bumbles Bees Barbarians 24-22

Very close match Wednesday evening between Halifax Select and the BBBs!
The game had started extremely hard for the Bumbles, with Halifax leading the operations, and scoring after few minutes using the backs. The pace and the good drives coming from the hosts challenged the set pieces the Bumbles had learned during the last training sessions.
But the Bumbles never felt down, and came roaring back taking advantage of the solid pods, the good support and the increased confidence after a Martin Hodgson touchdown.
If the first half was hard fought, the second one was more open and enjoyable, with many errors on the both sides. Even if Halifax scored three more tries, Bumbles stayed glued to the game, especially thanks the outstanding Daniel Rudyk’s try, at the end of a long ride with the ball in his hands, completely surrounded by opponents. Notable also the defensive organization, which allowed the Bumbles to deny any more point to Halifax and to gain some good balls to play.
Just few moments before the final whistle, the Bumbles were able to score their fourth try ending a superb unstoppable maul, that referee generously decided had finished with Robert Cannon’s touch after the white line.
But the match was only a part of the evening!

The presentation made by the Inclusion in Rugby Group (supported by the WEA) was a great moment of shared experiences humour and friendship, which confirmed the Bumbles desire to be “the” leading force for Mixed Ability and Integrated Rugby Union in England.

Finally, our thanks go to Halifax RFC for the invitation and for the warm welcome. The players were great facilitators!
Thanks also to Debbie Greenwood from Calderdale Council and Hamish and Dux of the RFU for their work in supporting and promoting Mixed Ability Rugby.

The Bumbles hope that the game could help Halifax RUFC to work towards their own Inclusive Rugby Team, and... We await you on our pitch for revenge!

P.S. If you have pictures please send them to site@bumblesrugby.com with your name for the attribution.

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